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The Perfect Lady & The Perfect Bride

The program is especially designed for women of all ages for Image Management and Makeover

Know who is a Perfect lady

    The Perfect lady is a Lady with grace, poise and right attitude who not only steals heart with her looks, but also impresses with her smartness and intelligence. She is classy, she is confident, she is happening and she is a woman of substance. She is a happy wife, a happy mother, a successful career woman and above all a happy individual. She knows how to balance her work and family. She knows how to cook, how to host and how to be popular in her circle. She is sophisticated, she is stylish, and she is strong enough to handle stress and create harmony.

    The perfect lady is fun loving, young at heart but mature in her relationships. She is charismatic, she is a Diva and her personality is an amalgam of all the beautiful traits God has ever created in a woman.

    To be one such perfect lady, come join the course and discover your true self.

Course Duration


Who should attend
  • Homemakers, students, brides to be, working professionals and entrepreneurs
  • Age is no bar for learning and living life to the fullest!
Course Content
  • Know Yourself
  • Understand the need for Improvement
  • Raise your Head with Pride- Be Confident
  • Ms. Popular- Image Building
  • Walk with style- Appropriate Body Language
  • Look your Best- Dressing Sense
  • Curves and waves- Health, Fitness and Nutrition
  • Whispering Magic- Beauty and Makeup
  • Lady with the perfect looks- Grooming
  • Ms. Stylish- Styling and Fashion, Wardrobe Check
  • A Smart shopper- Shopping Tips
  • Add Elegance and poise- Social, Dining and Party Etiquettes
  • A Way to heart- a flair of cooking and presentation
  • Spread your charm- Soft skills
  • Ms. Strong- Mental health and stress Handling
  • Handling Relations (date, spouse, children, In-laws)
  • The Magic Potion- Makeovers
Benefits of the Course

    Overall Personality Development


    “The Perfect Lady” Certificate will be awarded on successful completion on the course.

YOU Can Change!