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Roots to Shoots

Smart Kids “Roots to Shoots” Program for Young learners

“YOU Can Change” Institute; better known as YCCI has been successfully running various programs for Soft skills, Language skills, Communication skills, Personality Development, Grooming, Etiquette, Public speaking and Confidence building. YCCI is among the pioneers in Ahmadabad which provide training to individuals, Educational organizations and Corporate companies all together. Under the umbrella of YOU Can Change, a team of highly qualified professionals, trainers, educationists, and experts cater to different needs ensuring personal and professional success of every individual.

Having an excellent track record of successful transformations, YCCI has now come up with program for academic excellence and personality development for Kids as -“Smart Kids Roots to Shoots”.

“Smart Kids- Roots to Shoots” is based on holistic learning approach and contributes towards overall development of kids including linguistic development through reading, writing, grammar and vocabulary building, developing Public speaking skills, social skills, conversation skills, developing self confidence, learning Social etiquette, learning answering techniques for academic excellence and above all developing interest in learning!

“Smart Kids-Roots to Shoots” is designed with an integrated approach for educational as well as personality development of the kids. The program includes periodical assessment and keeps a regular track of the progress of the kids. The teaching tools include extensive colourful-picture based worksheets, Audio-video lessons, interactive and creative learning tools and interactive sessions. All the programs are conducted by highly qualified and well trained educators.

The program also inculcates reading habits and English conversations capabilities by book reading sessions (different levels), learning games and activities held periodically. A state of the Art library facility ensures availability of books as per the age and stage of learning.

The program “Smart Kids- Roots to Shoots” is divided into 4 major levels according to the learning stage of the child and every module ensures success and excellence for every learner.

Smart Kids Roots

    The early years of a child’s life are very crucial for both formal and informal education. “Smart Kids Roots” is for kids between 3-5 years of age. The program ensures holistic development of Preschooler kids through cognitive, linguistic, sensual and social development.

    The Course will cover

    Linguistic Development - Knowledge of Phonetic sounds familiarity with words and concepts, English conversation skills (Asking questions- answering questions, taking permissions etc)

    Cognitive Development - Introduction to Alphabets, counting, shapes, colours, Knowing the environment, asking questions, giving choices, names of fruits, vegetables, words related with modern life with Montessori approach.

    Social development - Greeting and meeting, confidence building, positive body language, social etiquettes, classroom behaviour, developing good habits and hygiene

    Sensual Development - Touch and sounds

    Teaching methods and tools- focus on informal learning, learning tools and toys, Audio-video inputs, experience learning and unconventional methods used in formal education

Smart Kids Phonics

    Smart Kids Phonics is a unique program specially designed by experts at YCCI, keeping in mind the needs of early learners in Indian context. The Smart Kids Phonics is a step by step program ensuring guaranteed results in developing reading, writing and speaking skills.

    Smart Kids Phonics is divided in six major steps.

    Step 1 - Letter and sound recognition

    Step 2 - Blending of sounds

    Step 3 - Making words

    Step 4 - Spelling words for vocabulary building

    Step 5 - Making sentences

    Step 6 - Reading books (Reading multiple sentences and comprehending skills)

    Tools used - Interactive sessions, Audio Video lessons, extensive worksheets

    Module - Sessions on various timing, days and groups. Flexibility of selection

Smart Kids Shoots

    A comprehensive program for kids (1st standard-3rd Standard/ 5-9 years) focusing on English conversation skills and grammar.

    The program will help in

    • Vocabulary building
    • Conversation skills
    • Basics of Grammar
    • Basic Creative writing
    • Extensive reading activities
    • Confidence building
    • Public speaking skills
    • Positive Body language
    • Social and Classroom Etiquette

    Tools used - Extensive worksheets, Audio-video lessons, Interactive methods, group discussions, role plays, Public speaking activities, and practical sessions.

    Benefits - Free study material, certificate on completion, Confidence building, Excellent reading, writing and speaking skills

Smart Kids Saplings

    Smart Kids saplings is for the kids aged between (9-15) / (standard IV-VII) for developing excellent communication skills, enhancing and polishing grammar knowledge and developing creative writing skills.

    The program will help in

    • Vocabulary building
    • Enriched Grammar
    • Extensive Creative writing
    • Improving expressions
    • Conversation skills

    Tools used - Extensive writing practice, Audio-video lessons, Extempore, Role play, Mock situations, Conversations, group discussions and Individual presentations

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