rise and shine

Motivational and life skills program for Mind, Body and Soul

A Complete Program for Mind, Body and Soul

The program is designed to help women to get a healthy body, mind and soul. The search for happiness, love, health and success is universal; however the actual achievement is affected by various factors like how one looks, how one takes care of their body, how one thinks, how one behaves, and how one deals with people and situations. To ensure maximum achievement in life, this program works on making women smart, confident and charming.

Along with spiritual well being and physical improvement, the program will add grace, poise and right attitude in their personality to make them shine like a star and blossom like a flower.

The program helps to maintain a healthy life style, get mental peace, improve relationships and develop positive attitude.

Course Duration

    3months / 1 month module

    Frequency - Twice a Week

    Session Duration- 1 ½ Hours

Course Content
  • Inner- self
  • Keep your Spirits High - Self Esteem and Self Confidence

    Let go Pain - Inferiorities and complexes

    Be a Fighter - Challenges and conflict resolution

    Feel Good - Positive Thinking

    Holistic Living and Spiritual well being

  • Behaviour
  • Win Hearts- Basics of Good behaviour

    Be Sophisticated - Social and Dining Etiquettes

    Take control of your life - Appropriate Body Language

    Balance your Life - creating harmony in relationships-spouse, children, In-laws

  • Physical Appearance
  • Shape Up - Health and Fitness

    Radiant Looks - Skin and Hair

    Be Gorgeous - Make-up, style and dressing

Methods Used
  • Training Sessions
  • Practical Sessions (Aerobics, Yoga, Meditation, skin and hair care, Make up)
  • Group Activities
  • Counseling Sessions
Who should attend

    Women of all ages seeking love, success and happiness in their life.


    A certificate of participation in the program will be awarded on successful completion of the course.

YOU Can Change!