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Spoken English and Personality Development

Speaking in English has become a necessity for everyone. Having good communication skills in English ensures good grades, selection in interviews, better career opportunities, increased chances of getting a study visa for going abroad, respect and status in social life and greater business opportunities with international clients. Even for people communicating in English being grammatically sound and effective is often lagging. It is quintessential to develop or refine your English communication skill and the best tutors can be found at YCCI’s

spoken English classes in Satellite

, Ahmedabad.

Having fluency in English creates a good impression and the person enjoys the benefits of creating a positive image in their personal and professional life both. However, learning to speak in English with confidence and fluency is a great challenge if a person does not have sufficient exposure to the language. Sometimes lack of confidence, lack of practice and absence of proper knowledge about grammar rules are barriers to speaking in English that can only be addressed at YCCI.

At YOU Can Change Institute, we take care of all these aspects and make sure that everyone and anyone can speak English fluently and confidently after taking the

best spoken English classes in Satellite

, Ahmedabad from us.


YCCI is the only professional training center renowned for the

best spoken English Classes in Satellite

, Ahmedabad for developing communication skills and soft skills. The training is given by highly qualified trainers who have industry experience and vast knowledge. They are still active as corporate trainers which expands their horizon of knowledge and keeps them evolving! There is no single SIR or Madam who can do miracles by his or her teaching experience; rather it is the uniqueness of our English Speaking Course and techniques which gives guaranteed results. The technique used at YCCI ensures 100% result, with the guarantee of fluency and confidence which makes us the

best spoken English classes in Ahmedabad

. Apart from that, there are a number of other benefits which can be listed out as-

  • Not just a formality of doing a course rather doing a fact based, result oriented course for everyone after proper assessment
  • Balanced division of sessions for grammar, practice, speaking, group discussions, individual presentation, debates and role plays
  • Affordable fees ( Instalment options available)
  • Free study material
  • Professional Environment (not a coaching centre but a professional training centre with sophisticated environment)
  • Multiple batches at multiple timings
  • Flexibility option available
  • Customised course for staff training
  • Certification after completion
  • State of Art Library facility without any extra charges*
  • Final Assessment after completion of course with proof of improvement
  • Regular free workshops after completion of course and lifetime membership for attending free sessions*

At YCCI we understand that every learner is different when it comes to facing problem in speaking in English. We don’t believe in giving same option to everyone without understanding the difference between their need for learning or level of understanding. After the assessment we give them specific batches according to their respective needs.

At YCCI we follow “The Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) to decide the levels of the learners. These levels are more about the current level of knowledge of a participant and not to the level they wish to learn to. Anyone who is at foundation level can develop elementary knowledge in level 1 and can develop conversation skills in level 2. An intermediate learner can improve their current status and develop excellent communication skills after completing the course.

On the other hand, an advance learner who is already comfortable in English, can understand instructions in English and can speak too with effort. Hence, they look for developing fluency, various styles or expressions, formal communication styles and great confidence in their public speaking skills.

Foundation Level– After the assessment if a learner falls under the category of a beginner they are recommended to attend a batch which is divided into 2 levels. In level 1 they learn elementary knowledge of English, basic words and elementary reading skills, later they are helped with basics of grammar and making sentences on their own.

In the second level they are helped to develop conversation skills. A basic learner also gets special training on “interview skills” and personality development which is usually a major reason for learning English.

Intermediate Level– The candidates who already have some experience in English but want to improve further, fall into intermediate level category. In such cases, there are some gaps between understanding and use of the language. To fill these gaps they learn the language from the basics. They learn grammar rules, new words (vocabulary building) and making simple sentences. Along with that they get help in improving their conversation skills under step by step process. They are given exposure to group discussions and Individual presentations in order to make them confident and fluent speaker.

Advance level– The Advance learners are given help in developing their fluency while doing conversations. Along with brush up of their grammar the major focus remains on vocabulary building, communication skills, client handling, written communication skills, business English development, better expressions, public speaking skills and confidence building.

Find your level Chart

Level I Can I can’t I want to
Foundation read speak Speak well and understand better
Intermediate Read and speak Make sentences error free Speak fluently and confidently
Advance Read, write and speak well Speak fluently, don’t have rich vocabulary Expertise in client communication, expressions and fluency

Focus of our CoursesFocus-of-our-Courses

YOU don’t need to worry about your level or the best suitable batch for learning English. YOU can leave that in the hands of our experts as they are going to assess your level by three different tests- reading test, speaking test and grammar test. Your score will decide the course you should choose. This is the “most scientific and human learning pattern research based method. This method is developed by using different course content, reference, teaching techniques, and given different break up of theoretical and practical sessions. It is also a scientific fact that people from different levels, backgrounds and knowledge; need different duration for learning the same thing. So, the need for giving more time to a basic learner can’t be ignored. This way the results are assured and after completing the course there is significant change in level of one’s knowledge, confidence, fluency and overall personality development.

Thus, everyone and anyone can become a fluent and confident speaker in English at YOU Can Change!

Personality Development and English Communication 

Effective Communication skills play a crucial role in honing one’s personality. Therefore, learning good English communication skills and aiming for Personality development go hand in hand. We conduct special sessions for helping the participants to learn positive body language, positive attitude, interview skills, art of public speaking, how to create good impression, how to create positive image for success in personal and professional life both. For career advancement we also offer combination of English communication skills and soft skills in special batches. Our placement cell also helps the participants with placement and helps them to prepare for job interview.

We also arrange personality assessment sessions, SWOT analysis, motivational sessions, career guidance sessions and help our students to overcome shyness, hesitation, inferiorities to change for better.

Our English speaking and Personality development courses ensure that every participant becomes a confident person and communicates fluently in English.

How we give guaranteed results/ deliver results

The In-house specially designed courses for every level give guaranteed results of improvement in confidence level and fluency in speaking in English. Every course is divided into theoretical sessions of grammar, practice sessions for speaking, reading and listening, participatory sessions for group discussions, Individual presentations and Public speaking sessions by participating in debates and giving presentation in front of large audience.

Our English Speaking Course is designed in a way that each profile gets inputs/learning related to their specific purpose of learning. For example in “Business Communication Level” one gets to learn soft skills, Industry based vocabulary, client communication along with learning basic communication in English.

Tools used in the learning process


YCCI is the best Institute in Ahmedabad for English Coaching, English Speaking and Personality Development

YOU can Change is the best English speaking classes in Ahmedabad. Situated in heart of Satellite, it covers all the nearby areas like PrahladNagar, Shivranjani, Jivraj Park, Shyamal cross Road, Anand Nagar, Jodhpur, Makraba, Corporate Road, and Vejalpur. For indigenous students looking for

Spoken English Classes near me

on the web, YCCI is the ultimate place to develop and refine your communication skills.

The students also come from various areas like Bopal, Thaltej, S G Highway, Bodakdev, Judges Bunglow, Navrangpura, Naranpura, Paldi, and Ashram Road  to attend English speaking and

personality development class in Satellite

. The Institute comes in the top category for professional English coaching centre in Satellite and entire Ahmedabad. YCCI is considered to be the best coaching centre in Ahmedabad for English language and Interview preparation for competitive exams.

The Institute is situated in Titanium City Centre in Satellite and the famous landmark near its head office is Sachin Tower and it is also very near to Seema Hall.

The Institute has state of the Art infrastructure. The classrooms are fully Air-conditioned and are equipped with all modern amenities. It also has a library having wide variety of books on literature, soft skills, motivation, self help and English grammar Students can also have access to online practice sessions.

You Can Change !

Thanks for taking Interest in our services. We welcome you to “YOU Can Change”. Let us help YOU to change yourself into a successful and confident person. We would be happy to help you in fulfilling your requirement. We assure you best of our services, a remarkable experience and life changing results.

We offer Corporate training, Spoken English Coaching, English Communication skills training, Personality Development for everyone and Phonics classes for Kids. Let us know your requirement in detail. You can contact us on 9974000888 / 9998900055 / 0794006188 or mail us your requirement at youcanchangeedu@gmail.com.

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