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Personality Development is a multidimensional concept and it requires efforts on various directions to improve a person’s level of confidence, communication skills, and knowledge about surroundings, attitude towards people and situations, command on skills to deal with people (also known as soft skills), conduct and behaviour in public life, self presentation through body language, physical appearance and Image.

Soft Skills play an important role in the personality development of a person. At YOU Can Change Institute, we offer the

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by enhancing soft skills and confidence. Our personality development programs are based on the overall development approach by working on all 4 dimensions of a person’s personality.

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Confidence is a core element for success in both personal and professional life. However, the importance of confidence is irreplaceable for a successful career.

Confidence, in other words is a person’s belief in his or her own abilities of doing something and also achieving success in that. The level of confidence decides a person’s decision making capabilities, social behaviour, attitude towards challenges and style of communication with others.

Therefore, the course focuses on helping the participants to become self confident, specially preparing them for situations like public dealing, public speaking, social communication, Interviews and group discussion.

Public Speaking is the art of communicating a message clearly to a large audience with the purpose of informing, persuading or entertaining. Public Speaking doesn’t mean just talking at people; it’s how you interact with the audience, your body language, the tone of your voice and how you present yourself and your topic.

Public speaking requires great level of confidence. The main components of good public speaking are right selection of words, clarity of concept, right pronunciation, volume, pitch, delivery style and gestures.

The participants looking for English and

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get training for theoretical as well as practical application of public speaking skills.

Body language is a form of non-verbal communication which consists of body posture, gestures, facial expressions, eye movement and so on. Every human reflects their personality, confidence level, attitude and intention consciously or subconsciously through their body language.

Body language plays a vital role in creating good impression during communicating with others for personal or professional reasons. Using appropriate Body language becomes crucial in certain situations like while giving Interview, business meeting, client handling, sales call, presentation, public speaking and media exposure etc.

Therefore, participants learn to create better career and personal prospects through body language training.

Effective communication is more than just using right words for giving information. Communication is a two way process, therefore both speaking and listening are important for effective communication.

Effective communication skills are required for success in every profession. Effective communication is required at every stage of career like applying for a job, at the time of facing interview, during client communication or business meeting, for negotiation, for better managerial skills (handling staff/team) ,and better career opportunities.

The participants learn the ways to make effective communication and also get to understand the barriers of communication in order to avoid any mistakes.

Interview in real sense is an opportunity for showcasing one’s skills and get reward according to the level of skills one has. However, for most of the candidates, Interview is a great cause for stress and they lose their confidence while facing an interview.

Fortunately, skills can be learnt and so can the skills of “facing Interview”. Interview skills consist of developing high level of confidence, appropriate body language, effective communication, positive image and responsiveness. Thus, the participants learn Interview skills covering all these aspects. The chances of facing any interview successfully are increased up to 100% after doing the course.

The benefits of having a positive image are usually not widely known and most of the people really don’t have right estimate of its contribution in success in an interview, public speaking or business meeting. However, image is the major contributor in one’s personality and affects success in EVERY career!

Thus, the participants get to learn creating positive and powerful image and Image projection.

Social skills are essential at work place, in social relationships and even in peer groups or friend circles. Etiquettes play a pivotal role in shaping one’s personality. They also help one to get positive attention, appreciation and also help in positive image building for both professional and personal benefits.

The participants learn social etiquettes/business etiquettes/ dining etiquettes, as per their need and profile.

Getting Success isn’t a mystery anymore. One can learn being Successful .The art of being successful in their respective career is passed on to the participants through knowledge sharing, enlightenment and motivation. The participants also get help in cultivating habits for success and their implementation in practical life.

Emotional Intelligence or EQ is more important than IQ (Intelligence quotient). Emotional intelligence is the capability of an individual to recognize, control and manage their emotions while dealing with others.

EQ is a crucial factor in interpersonal skills as well as personal life. One needs to understand and learn one’s own strengths and shortcomings both to take better control of their life and make positive relationships with others. Better EQ clearly contributes in success in every field of life.

Time management is related with effective use of time to maximize one’s potential growth and development. It is related with developing the techniques, skills, strategies, and tools that individuals use in order to maximize their potential. Time management skills are essential for success. It is related with handling multitasking, goal setting, concentrated efforts, and efficiency.

Stress in inevitable in high pressure jobs. A student too goes through high level of stress of performance and coping up with challenges. Learning stress management can increase one’s efficiency and output. For self development handling stress while managing the task becomes essential.

Therefore, the participants will learn stress management techniques and strategies.

Etiquettes are integral part of personality. Etiquettes in other words is expected behaviour while dealing with others. Whereas social etiquettes are important in social scenarios, office and business etiquettes are significant for success in professional life.

The workplace or office etiquettes are also essential for better team handling and developing leadership skills. Similarly, while doing a written communication email etiquettes become important to generate positive response. The participants will get help in learning and incorporating such skills as a natural process.

Course details- We offer different modules for college students, job seekers, Pre Placement training candidates, celebrities and public figures, speakers and politicians, Business Entrepreneurs and Media persons.

Developing leadership skills is the ultimate goal of personality development. Only a confident individual can be a leader who has the art of motivating a group of people to act towards achieving a common goal. Leadership skills include self motivation, clarity, courage, planning, team building and team management, consistency, goal setting, capabilities to handle stress and utilizing time to maximum output.

Personality Development Course Modules

The Perfect Executive

Personality Development and Soft skills Course for College students and Job seekers

Ideal for college students, job seekers and for career enhancement in Hospitality, Aviation and Airhostess jobs, Media jobs, Mass Communication and Journalism Students.

The Perfect Manager

A Personality Development and Soft Skills Course for working professionals for career growth

Ideal for Entrepreneurs, Working professionals, managers, Senior Executives and Corporates.

Just for YOU

Customised Solutions for Individuals

Personality development class in Satellite

For counselling/mentoring/grooming for celebrities, public figures, politicians, TV news anchors, event anchors, senior executives, CEOs, entrepreneurs and budding start ups who are seeking guidance related with these skills.

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