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English is a fun-loving language, but English grammar isn’t. There are times when people have an inferiority complex when people feel anxious about not being ‘too good’ or ‘too friendly’ with English grammar. Knowing there are Grammar Nazis out there, even the best of the best fears making silly mistakes in English grammar. And to be honest, that is absolutely fine. People either join English grammar coaching or try to slowly learn themselves with the use of internet or simply give up on the language. To make sure you don’t give up on the language, we have something for you. This blog contains tips that can make you look like a pro in English. Keep scrolling and make your life as sophisticated as you can.

Tips to Master English Grammar

When people have been struggling throughout to learn English and grammar, these basics were not clear. Good grammar can save you from embarrassing moments and hold your head up high. The best English grammar classes in Satellite, Ahmedabad have curated these tips and techniques to make English easy for you.

Learn to differentiate between;

  1. They’re, there, and their- Situations where one uses their, there and they’re correctly are the times when the  person gains respect. They’re, there and their are basically contractions, adverb, and pronoun respectively. If you clearly understand the difference, the chance of you making mistakes comes to zero percent.
    -They’re (they are) is used to point out more than two people at a time. For example- They’re my family.
    -There is an adverb. The purpose of this particular adverb is to show the location of someone, something, or even in abstract scenes.  For example- There is a blanket on the bed.
    -Their is used as a pronoun, a possessive determiner. For example- I love their dog.
  2. You’re and your- If a person had to name the silliest mistake ever made, this would be the one. When people are in a hurry, typing, or fighting on social media, they get confused between these two and end up making a mistake. One of the reasons why misunderstanding takes place is because these words almost sound the same.
    -You’re (you are) is used to point a second person. For example- You’re beautiful.
    -Your, on the other hand, is a possessive determiner. For example- I like your work.

Is it important to know when to Capitalize letters?

When it comes to deciding what all to start with a capital letter, it is bit confusing. The first thing that the best English coaching class in Ahmedabad teaches is easy steps to remember when to capitalize letters. According to them, there are three easy steps to remember. Breaking it and putting it more easily, the first letter of any sentence should be capital. Secondly, remember the game Name, place, animal, thing? The same way, any noun, including names of places, people, months, days, brands, etc. would start with a capital letter. The last and the easiest one is, the honorifics you use in front of any name to address someone should start with a capital letter. For example- Mr. Sharma has a car.

Question everything

By question everything, we mean adding question tags to your statements. Having question tags at the end of your questions, makes your question seem more genuine. The innocence of curiosity can be felt, just with a question tag. One of the best things about adding a question tag to your statement/question is that it leaves the receiver with only two choices- yes or no.

If you are finding a question tag difficult, we are here for you. To put it simply, when the main verb used in the statement/question is positive, the question tag would be negative and vice versa. For example- You love me, don’t you? / You didn’t study for the test, did you?

Learn to complete the sentences

You may be good at English and all, but if you are one of those people who don’t complete the sentences, no one will entertain you. A sentence is only complete when there is a Subject, verb, and object. Even if you change the order of the sentence, it is important to have a subject, verb, and object.

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