Phonics classes

We see that these days few schools do not have the correct pattern of teaching the letters and sounds of every alphabet. Like the old days, it is still A for Apple and B for Ball, but scientific research says that it is necessary to teach a child the sound of every letter to avoid the difficulty of reading in long run. English classes for kids are available for them to learn from roots to shoots.

If your child is suffering from reading a word or reading it incorrectly, do not jump to correct them. Remember the three p’s of learning, pause, prompt, and praise. Give your child a chance to self-correct the wrongly spelled word (e.g. substituting house for horse), if a child is still unable to correct the word and prompt to sound the word out from the first to the last slowly and blend it at one go. Lastly, praise your child for working out on the word and give feedback.


Teaching children the sounds of individual letters and how to merge separate sounds to make it word is phonics. For example, the letter “c” makes a “k” sound, likewise merging sounds k,a,t makes CAT. This type of reading is known as synthetic phonics. A systematic approach to teaching this way will make English speaking easier. Special English speaking classesin Ahmedabadhave started to help people learn the language systematically.

Why is it important?

Phonics is important to teach children how to decode the letters and their sounds to read unfamiliar words or long words by themselves. If you have attended phonics classes at YCCI, it is easy for you to match the unfamiliar words with the already few learned words. There are transitions of words from slowly sounding out to rapidly recognizing it will make you read fluently. Like many English words have a silent letter, for example an isle where the letter “s” does not follow the typical sound rules. Phonics allows children not only to read on their own but also to build their reading mechanism that can be easily accessed.

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